This morning, I found out that two of my friends are having a baby, babies actually – twins! But then this afternoon, I found out that the young daughter of an old classmate has a fast-growing tumor. She’s survived cancer before, but now, her doctor says there’s no cure for her.

One couple nurtures life in the womb, excited to bring them forth in the world; while another couple fights to keep their little girl in this world.

Two very different circumstances evoke very different emotions. How should one feel? How should one think?

Lines to a song come to mind.

God, You give and take away. You give and take away. My heart will choose to say, “Lord, blessed be Your Name.”

Two very different circumstances, but only one God is Lord of them.

There is a God, and He is in control of all things – of life, of death, of sickness, of health.

How should we respond? Should we raise our fists at Him in protest? Should we tell Him what to do?

Do we have a right to do so? Sometimes, we think we do. Sometimes, we think we know better than He does.

But we don’t. He is God. He is infinite in wisdom. We are not. He is God, and we are not. It is as it should be.

So what do we do? What would I do? What does my classmate and her husband intend to do?

They’re not giving up. They’re exploring alternative options. They’re asking for prayers.

And so, I pray for them. I pray that if God wills to do so, that He would heal their little girl. I pray for wisdom for my old classmate and her husband that they might know what to do in the midst of all this. I pray that God be glorified in all of this. I pray that God use this to bring them to a close and personal relationship with Him.

He is God, and He is in control. But we do not fully know what His will is. We only know that which He reveals to us. And we act according to what is revealed. We act according to what is made known to us. We act according to the wisdom given to us.

But there is much that we do not know. We do not know the details. We do not know how things will turn out. So in every step of the way, we ought to be dependent on Him and submit to His Lordship. We ought to find comfort and peace in knowing that He, perfect in wisdom and love, is the One in control, not us.


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