I am currently reading This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence by John Piper. It has 15 chapters. And so far, I’ve read the first 5 chapters. Below are my thoughts as I finish the fifth chapter of this book. I intend to continue reading, but I just wanted to stop and think about how the truths that have been presented apply to me and my marriage.

I do not deserve God. I deserve His wrath. But He has been so gracious to me. He, through His Son Jesus, paid the punishment for my sins. He adopted me. Since I have received such grace from Him, I should be gracious to others.

I am grateful for His grace. I love Him, and I want to please Him. By His grace, I can.

I’m not trying to please Him because I’m afraid that He will stop loving me. No, He is committed to me. I strive to please Him because I love Him.

He wants me to change. He is changing me although He loves me. He is changing me because He loves me. He is changing me into what will glorify Him, and what will glorify Him is what will give me most joy. He is changing me into His likeness.

My husband loves God, and my husband loves me. God has given him the responsibility to lead me into Christlikeness. My husband seeks to fulfill this responsibility because he loves God and because he loves me.

I love God, and I love my husband. I want him to grow in Christlikeness because I love God and because I love him. However, he is my leader. Hence, I lovingly and REPECTFULLY ask him to change. I should not ask him excessively because that doesn’t work. It’s counterproductive.

As we strive to please God and help each other in doing this, we should be gracious to one another – forgiving and forbearing.


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