I wrote this article more than a year ago but never got to posting it. I’m posting it now. Someone might want to take it up. 😉

Here’s an idea! IDS could have a photography club called T.H.E. Club. T.H.E. stands for The Hornet’s Eye. Why the hornet’s eye? Well, the hornet is the school mascot. Why is the hornet the school mascot? I have no idea. That’s something I have yet to find out.

Anyway, what would T.H.E. Club do? Well, we can start the school year with a seminar-workshop on photography. We can invite a photographer to conduct the seminar-workshop. This could be open to club and non-club members, even to non-IDS students. This way, it won’t just equip the club members. It could also help raise funds for the club.

What else? We could have monthly trainings where we try to learn the different features of our cameras (i.e. focus, iso, aperture, exposure) and photography elements (i.e. lighting, perspective, composition, framing). We could have guest photographers to teach us; or we can learn using our camera manuals, photography magazines, and the Internet.

As an output of our monthly trainings, we’ll maintain an online gallery. This could be a blog or a Facebook page. Every month, we try to apply what we learn and publish our works online. The themes of our monthly exhibits could be related to school events. This way, we can help other clubs/departments by raising awareness regarding their activities, and we can help provide photos for the school paper. Also, during school events, we can put up a photo booth.

Then, at the end of the year, we can have an exhibit. We’ll exhibit the most popular photos from our online gallery. These photos would be auctioned off, and part of the proceeds could go to the beneficiary of our choice.

But isn’t photography an expensive hobby? Yes. But it’s not as expensive as it used to be. Also, club members don’t have to have DSLRs. A point and shoot camera will do. Actually, a phone camera will do. Almost any student could join.

So, anyone want to bring this idea to life?


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