A few months ago, my mom and I we’re looking at the Facebook wall of a friend who had cancer. And she remarked that maybe she should also keep her friends up to date with her condition via Facebook. But my mom isn’t tech savvy, so I thought I’d be the one to do that for her.

Before I give an update, let me give a background for the sake of those who don’t know, for those who haven’t been able to keep up with how my mom is doing, for those who have forgotten some of the details, and for my sake, so that I don’t forget.

3rd quarter of 2014. Mom had problems with her bowel movement. First, it was diarrhea. Later, it was constipation. Soon, it was discovered that there was a mass in her colon. This, along with a part of her colon, was surgically removed; and thankfully, there was no need for a colonoscopy bag. What was it? It’s colon cancer, stage 4.

After the surgery, Mom went through about 6 months of alternative treatment and medication. There were some pains and difficulty with bowel movement, but her day-to-day routine didn’t change much.

Mid-2015. The pain became severe. The cancer had spread. Mom was placed under pain management, and she had to be opened up again. This time, one of her kidneys was removed, and she had a full hysterectomy.

After the surgery, Mom went through around a year of chemotherapy. The chemotherapy, of course, had side effects. She’d be weak for a few days after each chemotherapy session, but she’d regain her strength after. Later, when they changed her chemotherapy drugs, her hair fell out, and it took longer for her to recover from her chemotherapy sessions. But still, there were days of relative strength. And she rocked the head wrap look. But eventually, the chemotherapy’s effect on her cancer waned and was advised to stop.

Late 2016. Mom’s hair grew back into a white pixie. Pain management and alternative treatment and medication continued. The cancer metastasized to the bones, so she started having injections to strengthen her bones. Eventually, she also started with a targeted treatment, but due to the side effects, that was stopped temporarily.

2017. Pain management was adjusted since pain has progressed. Targeted treatment was continued but at a lower dosage. Late last month, she lost control of her legs. Her cancer has affected her spinal cord, compressing the nerve that controls leg movement. And so, this month, she started with radiation therapy to decompress her spinal cord.

How’s my mom? This post is my answer for now. Please do remember us in your prayers. Pray for my mom – for strength, for faith, for joy. Pray also for my dad who is her primary caregiver. Pray for the doctors. Pray for me, my sisters, our husbands, the grandkids, and all those around mom. And thank you. Thank you to those who will remember us in their prayers.


7 thoughts on ““HOW’S YOUR MOM?”

  1. My beloved yolly i cheer you on with your battle for i know your faith is solid as rock and i am confident the lord holds your hand.you are gods mighty warrior in prayer n testings n trials.i love you my beloved friend mission partner prayer warrior n sister in christ.keep on with the good fight.,.


  2. dear family, thank you very much for the update about your mom. we are continually praying for your mom & thanking our Lord Jesus Christ that He already suffered for all her infirmities & that He watches over His Word to fulfill it. He says in His Word that by Jesus Christ’s stripes, she has already been healed based on 1 Peter 2:24, Psalm 103:1-5. we constantly picture her strong, playing badminton, working out in the gym & sharing how our Lord has been sooo gooood to her & the whole family based on Mark 11:24! we also continually lift up kuya, your dad, for His wisdom to be upon him as he takes care of your mom & that all of you be enveloped with our Lord’s peace, which transcends all understanding. let us all continue to abide in our Father’s Word esp where healing of your mom is concerned. we miss you all very much!!! XXXXOOOO!


  3. Your heart is also our heart Tal! We continue to lift her up, and may the good Lord strengthen every one in the family ❀️


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